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Our new kittens are out of this world awesome!
Now ready to find some amazing homes
for these little gems!



We also have one available retired adult female.
Pictures to be posted soon,
but you can see her on our "Queens" page.
She is EnchantedTails Snow White.

If interested, you may scroll down the page to
the "Available Adults" link
to learn more about adopting our
retired breeding cats.










 EnchantedTails Bengal Kittens and Cats 

  • Over seventeen years devoted to breeding the highest quality Bengal Kittens.

  • Breeding Bengals for the LOVE of the breed.

  • Kittens are raised under foot in the home.

  • Kittens and cats share our home with my large dog.

  • Our kittens and cats are spoiled.........as they should be!!!

  • Our kittens and cats come from the very best bloodlines in the world.

  • We are a TICA registered cattery.

  • We adhere to the TIBCS Code of Ethics.

  • We screen our cats for any health issues.

  • We are a Felv and FIV negative cattery.

  • Good Health is Guaranteed. I stand behind my cats.

  • Follow-up support for life, should you need advice.

  • We show our kittens and cats from time to time to ensure we continue to breed top quality Bengals.

  • My life is devoted to ensuring my cats' and kittens' lifetime welfare and happiness, as well as to ensure your satisfaction with your EnchantedTails Bengal Kitten or Cat.

  • Your happiness with one of my kittens is my greatest compliment and reward.








A Brief Overview About the Process of Purchasing One of Our Bengal Kittens


Deposit: I prefer to wait until the kittens are closer to 5 to 6 weeks old before showing them to those interested in possibly placing a deposit. You are welcome to call or email  to schedule an appointment to meet the kittens, once they approach the 5 to 6 week old range. If you like one of the kittens at that time, a $300 to $500 deposit will hold the kitten until they are ready to join their new families, which is around 11 to 12 weeks old.


Prices: Typical price for one of my super special pet kittens runs around $1000. Some of the extraordinary kittens will be closer to $1500 to $1600. The price for a top quality kitten with breeding rights is about double the pet price. A "pet" kitten means that the kitten may not be bred, and must be spayed or neutered by 6 months old, per my Sales Contract.


Breeder, Show, or Pet Kitten: My goal for the past 17 years has been to raise top show quality Bengals for pet homes. Although many of my kittens are breeder and/or show quality, I typically prefer to place them as pets only to loving homes, where I can rest assured that they will be properly spoiled. Always more than fair prices. That the kittens be loved, cherished, and well cared for is my number one priority.


What's the Next Step: For more detailed information, please scroll all the way down this Kitten Menu for more information and considerations about purchasing/adopting our Bengal kittens.


Emails: I so very much appreciate your interest and your inquiries about our Bengal kittens and retired adults! I truly and sincerely want to write back to all of you! Because I am not able to spend all day, everyday, on the computer, sometimes it can be extremely challenging to reply to all my emails. I do my very best, but if I don't get back to you, please do not take it personally. As we want the very best homes for our kittens, preference will be given to the emails that include some information about the type of home you will provide for a kitten or cat and indicates that you have read a reasonable amount of the info provided on my website. For instance:

  • Do you have any other pets or have you in the past?

  • Are those animals spayed/neutered, or do intend to breed?

  • Who lives in you home, i.e. single, married, roommates, children, etc.

  • If you have children, how old are they?

  • Also, if you have children, how do they behave with animals? Ask yourself if an animal would be truly happy based on the activity level and behavior of your children.

  • Are you at home a lot (outside of a regular work schedule), or are you very busy outside of the home frequently?

  • If you rent an apartment or house, what will you do with the cat when you move, especially if your next home does not allow pets?

  • Is your home harmonious and for the most part drama free? My kittens and cats have never been exposed yelling nor overt anger.

  • Know that cats will be cats. They naturally will want to jump on top of high places! They may knock something over. They may snag a fabric. They will want to jump on the kitchen counter. If this will be a source of irritation for you or a family member, then perhaps look into a different type of pet.

  • My cats may not be declawed, per my Sales Contract. I will demonstrate how to trim a cat's nails when you pick up your kitten.

  • My cats are to be kept indoors only.  Customers who have let their cats outside, despite signing my contract, invariable call that their cat was stolen, killed by a predator, hit by a car, or just disappeared. Keeping cats indoors is not only for the safety of the cat, but protects wildlife as well. Outdoor domestic cats are responsible for at least 63 extinctions of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Outdoor domestic cats are an invasive species. There are a great number of examples of "catios", if you want to let your cat have some time outside in a protected environment. Feel free to ask me about those. I have lots of photos I've taken, from inexpensive catios to deluxe set ups.

  • Finally, make sure you are willing to scoop a litter box and keep plenty of cat litter in it. All cats like a clean environment.

 Feel free to write back again, especially around the time I announce that I am ready to start placing the kittens. Thank you so much for your understanding!









Posted June 5, 2017

Updated June 20, 2017



Litter of Bengal Kittens

EnchantedTails Decibelle
sianSafari Marlon Brando


Born March 10, 2017


9 1/2 weeks old


Very pleased to announce our newest litter!

From World Champion bloodlines,
sweet and playful as can be, and
being offered as top quality pets to you!

Brown Rosetted Male #1 ~ Available
Brown Rosetted Male #2 ~ Sold
Brown Rosetted Male #3 ~ Sold
Brown Rosetted Female #1 ~ Sold
Brown Rosetted Female #2 ~


Click the link below to see the kittens!











You can see more super cute pictures of our kittens and cats on Facebook!
Click the link below.


This is Tazz Cords, one of our kittens in his new home.


Don't live with any regrets.............

Spoke with a customer on the phone,
and she said that getting her Bengal Kitten from me
was the Best Decision she has ever made!

Her kitten brings her so much joy and so many
smiles every single day : )







We Do Have Retired Bengal Adult Cats


Click the link below for photos and
to learn more about adopting them!

Click Here For More Info on Our Retired Cats



Evaluating Kitten Pictures
Kitten to Cat - Marble
Kitten to Cat - Spotted
Kitten to Cat - Rosetted


Holly Erickson
St. Helens, Oregon
Columbia County

We are near Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

(503) 396-5448



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