Meet My Guardian by Johanna Pieterman

Below are the Bengal Cats currently being used in our breeding program.
Most of the cats have a link to their webpage, which will also link to their pedigree.

Keep scrolling down the bottom of the page for the link to the
Bengal Cats we have owned and used in our breeding program in the past.


Click on the thumbnail picture of each Bengal Cat
for more photographs and pedigree.
A few of the cats are waiting for me to create their web page!


Bengal King


Bengal King

Bengal King





F4 Bengal Queen

Champion F4 Bengal Queen


SBT (F5) Bengal Queen


SBT (F5) Bengal Princess


SBT (F6) Bengal Princess


SBT (F6) Bengal Princess

SBT Bengal Queen

SBT Bengal Princess


SBT Bengal Queen

SBT Bengal Queen



Available Bengal Kittens and Cats

My Special Pets

F2 Bengal Pet

SBT Bengal
Female ~ My Very First Bengal!


Group Photos

Page 1

Page 2


Reference Cats

Go to this link to see the Bengals we have owned and used for breeding in the past.


I have learned that just
being with those you love is enough

Walt Whitman

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