Below are our current male Bengal Cats in our Breeding Program,
here at EnchantedTails Bengals.






EnchantedTails Diego

Born 06-16-2013

Sire: Amantra Del Mar

Dam: EnchantedTails Fairytale Rose








Diego...........he is my reward for persistently seeking my vision in Bengals for the past 14 years!
He is my crowning acheivement thus far.
To me, he so much resembles the wild margay in not just his appearance,
but in the way he moves and the way he sleeps draped over things.

Diego's personality is the best!
He knows he is entitled and wants to do what he wants to do,
while always maintaining respect for me and those around him.

So much thanks to Janice Tyler for allowing her incredible Amantra Del Mar
stay here for a while and siring my beautiful boy!









Amantra Del Mar of EnchantedTails

Born: 11-01-2011


Sire: Calcatta La Mar

Dam: Amantra Nova Star









How we love Del Mar!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Janice Tyler of Amantra Bengals
for allowing this amazing boy to stay with us!!!

He is just stunning!!!








AsianSafari Marlon Brando


Born: 03-05-2016

International Champion Koppiekatz Exotic of Clairiereofee

Supreme Champion Asian Safari In The Mood For Glory

Grandfather (mother's side):
SC NW Absolutely Walk This Way of Asian Safari
Supreme Champion FIFE
French National Winner FIFE
European Champion LOOF
World Champion WCF)

Grandmother (mother's side):
GIC EnchantedTails Shania
Grand International Champion

Grandfather (father's side) :
SGC -RW Drinkwater Reno of Koppiekatz
Supreme Grand Champion and Regional Winner




Say, "Bonjour" to our new stud muffin all the way from Paris, France!




Marlon Brando joins us all the way from Paris, France!!!
Marlon comes from a line of world champions.
Check out all the impressive show titles in his pedigree!

Thank you so much to our dear friends,
Agnes and Oliver Gayraud of AsianSafari Bengals in Paris, France
for sending us this spectacular boy!












EnchantedTails Prince Charming

Born: 05-19-2015

Sire: Noahspride Hixpectaion

Dam: EnchantedTails Ivanka







Prince Charming seems to have it all!

We are crazy for those black outlined rosettes!

Charmer has an awesome profile, is a super love bug, highly intelligent,
glitter, uniform full rosettes.......just about everything I could ever want in a Bengal!
Such spectacular combination of wild type and a loving, confident personality!








Noahspride HiXpectation

Born 12-07-2010

Sire: CH Sierragold Its Vegas Baby

Dam: Noahspride Emmy



Click Here for HiXpectation's Pedigree


We feel so very fortunate to add HiXpectation to our program,
with extra warm gratitude to Margie Heil for allowing him to come here!

HiXpectation has sired some amazing show cats
who are consistently placed in the finals
by ALL the judges at the shows, now just a couple judges.
Additionally, Hi sired the 
#3 International Bengal, Snopride Spartacus.

Besides a great pattern that has retained its contrast,
check out those tiny ears, which are quite difficult to come by!






EnchantedTails Wow Factor

~ Now Retired ~

Born 01-16-2010

Sire: Mainstreet Without Warning, aka WOW

Dam: EnchantedTails Heavenly Muse







At his one and only show, Wow Factor was 7th best of all the cats of all breeds entered in the show!!!





Click Here for Wow Factor's Pedigree


All our great cats come from collaborations with other trusted and respected great breeder friends.
Wow Factor is the result of Debbie and Rick Corns allowing us to breed our female
to their stellar Mainstreet Without Warning.
Thank you so much, Debbie and Rick!!!
Wow Factor is certainly cherished here and has sired magnificent kittens!

We prize his wonderful contrast and warm color on his glittered coat.
He has a long body and a fine profile along with a super handsome face!
We greatly value his loving, fun and devoted personality.









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