Available Adult Bengal Cats



Updated February 15, 2018




We have TWO Available Retired Bengal Adults at this time.



The Adult Bengal Cats, that we have available for adoption, are very special cats who are retired from our breeding program. My breeding cats are my very much loved, cherished, and are my very spoiled pets as well. They are used to lots of daily attention, affection, good quality food, fresh water, and having all their needs catered to in a clean, harmonious, healthy, happy environment.

My goal is that my retired adult cats go to a forever home where they can receive a ton of love and attention, be pampered like a prince or princess, and can live out their lives being properly spoiled and appreciated. I don't want them to ever have to be rehomed again.

Please be certain that you can make a life time commitment to these cats. Ask not how the cat can serve you, but how you can serve the cat! :)

Our cats are used to a stable and quiet home. They have been raised around our larger dog. They are INDOOR ONLY cats - no exceptions.

Adoption fees for most of our retired adults are very minimal, basically to cover the cat's spay or neuter and as an indication of the Buyer's commitment and good intent for the cat.



Please Read This List Before Sending an Inquiry

The IDEAL HOMES for a successful placement of one of our retired Bengal cats:

  • Stable Home - Chances are that you won't be moving for many years.

  • Harmonious Home - Fights or yelling is absent from the home or extremely rare.

  • Only Cat - Most of retired adult Bengals will do best as an only cat. It is always hard to predict if two adult cats will get along or not. I prefer to not take that chance with my cats. Adult cats typically do get along if a young kitten is introduced to the home. Some of my adult cats may accept a low key friendly dog.

  • A Homebody - While you may need to go to work everyday, I prefer a person who would be home after work, rather than always on the go. We all need vacations, but if you are traveling a lot, that probably won't be ideal for one of our cats.

  • Financially Able - to buy high quality food, cat trees and/or cat condos, cat toys, vet visits, if ever needed.

  • Willing to a Scoop Litter Box Every Day - I notice that every once in a while people want a cat, but decide they don't want to scoop the litter box anymore. Be honest about how you feel about the every day chore of scooping boxes. It really only takes 60 seconds or less to scoop a box!

  • Clean and Healthy Environment - Hopefully this is self explanatory.

  • No Declawing - In the old days, people did this. It is no longer acceptable practice.

  • No Feral or Neighbor Cats - frequenting your yard. This can trigger territorial anxiety in cats, resulting in spraying.

  • Open to Advice - Ability to listen to and/or read advice and willingness to follow expert advice, should any issues arise.

  • Empty Nesters or Child Free - would probably be best for my adult cats, who have not been raised around energetic children. Kittens are a different story. Some kids are quiet and super mellow. Some of my retired cats may be OK with that.

  • Patient and Tolerant - Bengal cats are probably going to climb on anything that can be climbed on! Most likely, they will jump on your kitchen counter, on your coffee table, on your mantle, on the furniture. They may knock something over. Is this going to be OK with you? Also, an adult cat for the most part has its personality. I will be honest with you about the cat's personality. If you can't accept the cat just as it is, then please pass on the cat. However, I am hopeful, that all those great qualities the cat has, will really bloom and blossom even more once the cat has the opportunity to be an only cat receiving all the love and attention.

  • Indoor Only Cat - Indoor cats live longer lives. Outdoor cats have much shorter lives. Outdoor cats disappear, get stolen, eaten by predators, run over by cars, pick up diseases, pick up fleas, get in fights and that creates vet bills, maybe even death. In addition, outdoor cats are pretty devastating to wildlife.


Updated February 15, 2018




Thank you for reading all of the above very carefully and thoroughly!
Now lets get to the Available Bengal Cats!





EnchantedTails Decibelle

Born January 17, 2016


Spayed almost two weeks ago,
Decibelle is now ready to join her new loving, forever home!















Decibelle is a lovely girl! She comes down from my very first Bengal, who I got in 1999!

Decibelle is still very young - just two years old. She loves to play and frequently acts just like a kitten!

She has a little bit of the shy gene. While she is not at all shy with me and her life here, she can get scared with new experiences. Therefore, I think she will do best in a home that is stable, with a routine, and low drama with an adult person or two adult people.

Decibelle doesn't have any bad habits. When she wants something or is stressed, she may be a bit of a loud mouth. When all is cool with her, she is a quiet young lady!

Decibelle's adoption fee is $500.







Noahspride Hixpectation

Born December 7, 2010


HiXpectation has sired some amazing show cats
who are consistently placed in the finals
by ALL the judges at the shows, now just a couple judges.
Additionally, he sired the TICA #3 International Bengal, Snopride Spartacus.



In person, Hixpectation is much more handsome than this camera phone picture shows!

Hixpectation is a friendly cat. He has already stopped spraying........even being in the same area as the other whole males! So that is awesome!

Before he ever came here, I was told that he has always been a cattery cat. So it may take a little bit of time for him to adjust to the luxury of being someone's spoiled pet. We know that he will eventually LOVE it though!

So again, best to live in an only pet home with one or two stable, lower key adults, who will be patient with him while he transitions.

I know he will be a lover boy with you!

No bad habits. He is just a great cat!

His adoption fee is $300.














Contact Holly Erickson
St. Helens, Oregon
Columbia County

We are near Portland, OR and
Longview and Vancouver, WA

(503) 396-5448

(Sorry, I don't do texts for initial kitten or cat inquiries.)




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