Enchanted Tails Bengals is a small cattery located in Columbia County, Oregon, near Portland and Vancouver, WA. It is my goal that my cats' beauty and reflection of the wild Asian Leopard Cat, along with their loving, affectionate, and playful personality will totally enchant you, bringing you more love and joy than you have ever experienced before.

Every single waking minute is devoted to the cats. Everything I do revolves around the cats, from moving away from family and friends to buy a house for my cats, to what kind of things I buy, to when and what I eat. Bengals have been my devotion for the past 11 years.



My photos below are of our some of our cattery accommodations in California. Accommodations here in Oregon need to be different, due to the different weather! The cats would not appreciate outdoor enclosures here in the rain and cold weather. Here in Oregon, I have turned the garage into the cattery. I had the walls insulated and painted. Our large dog kennel size enclosures are now set up in there. My brother put hardwire cloth on the enclosure ceilings to help add a feeling of spaciousness and to also allow more light into the cages. If my dreams can come to reality, I will keep enhancing the "outdoor" cattery space.

This picture is from our home in California. Our housecats are able to enjoy fresh air and the outdoors by using this cat porch that my brother built. This porch is attached to a window in the house, so the cats can come and go at will.


Our housecats can go out in the cat porch,
whenever they please, for fresh air and sunshine.

 We would love to have all our cats in the house and sleeping with us at night, but...............this would not be good for the cats, nor for us!!! Young cats and kittens, some of our queens, and our neutered pets have the run of the house.

Breeding females can sometimes be intolerant of other cats, especially as their hormones change through pregnancy. Also, unaltered females may spray when they are in heat. Therefore, a few of our females have their own room or spacious outdoor enclosure.

This enclosure is 16 feet by 12 feet, plus a safety entrance corridor.

Our mature whole males also live in roomy outdoor enclosures because of their tendency to spray and to ensure we have no unplanned pregnancies!

This house is 8 feet by 12 feet and has a great view!

Queens are given a private room to have their kittens. Mama cats can be very protective of their young around other cats, so they need to be separated from the general cat population.

 This is a kitten toddler room.

When kittens start getting old enough, they are brought into the main house for longer and longer visits. Once they are weaned they have the run of the house and sleep with me at night. They, like all our cats, receive tons of love and attention, creating well socialized, sweet, loving pets. They are fed only high quality cat food. All our cats and kittens are registered with TICA.



The lady owned by the cats, a teacher for 14 years, has always adored animals, growing up with a variety of dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, rabbits, turtles, birds, horses, and even an alligator! She was very successful showing purebred Arabian horses for a good part of her life. One day she discovered Bengal Cats, who have since enhanced her life with an abundance of love, joy, and ceaseless entertainment.



Enchanted Tails is a member of The International Cat Association and The International Bengal Cat Society.

Feel free to contact us.

Contact Holly Erickson
St. Helens, Oregon
Columbia County

We are near Portland, OR and
Longview and Vancouver, WA

(503) 396-5448



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