EnchantedTails Snow White's
Bengal Kitten


Born: April 20, 2014





Photos posted June 7, 2014



7 weeks old


This beautiful marble Bengal kitten is such a doll!!!

I have been calling her Scooby Do,
but of course,
her new family will be able to name her what they wish : )









Brown Marbled Female Bengal Kitten

~ Available ~


7 weeks


You can see that her pattern is starting to open up.
When you see her in person, you can see even more
pattern developing, as the lighter color, which shows
where the pattern will open, is visible right now, but
difficult to capture with the camera.


Also, the very dark color will warm up as a marble kitten matures.
The almost black color will become a warm and dark chocolate brown.





7 weeks

Super profile on her!





7 weeks


With her mom, who is showing off her ideal profile.






7 weeks


In this picture, it is a little easier to see the lighter color
move up toward her shoulders, where the pattern will continue to open up.






7 weeks old



Life is fun and she is enjoying it!





Here's her Parents

Dam: EnchantedTails Snow White

Sire: Stonehenge Disney of EnchantedTails
Dam: EnchantedTails Breaking Dawn









Sire: Noahspride Hixpectation

Dam: Noahspride Emmy
Sire: CH Sierragold Its Vegas Baby


View HiXpectation's pedigree here.


HiXpectation is the sire of the
#3 INTERNATIONAL Bengal!!!!!





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