EnchantedTails Belles On Her Toe's Bengal Kitten

aka "Baby Belle


Born: March 16, 2014




With such outstanding parents and grandparents, top recognized winners
in the show arena, these kittens can't help but be fantastic!

Dam:  EnchantedTails Belles On Her Toes


Sire: EnchantedTails Wow Factor (F6)

Dam: EnchantedTails Trixie Belle
BEST of the Congresses Bengal Kitten Female
2nd BEST of the Congresses Bengal Kittens


View Belles On Her Toes pedigree here.


Disney Cardiologist Tested HCM Negative, Normal Heart

Journey Cardiologist Tested HCM Negative, Normal Heart

Illuminati Cardiologist tested HCM Negative, Normal Heart 

Casanova Cardiologist tested HCM Negative, Normal Heart 


Sire:  Noahspride HiXpectation


Dam: Noahspride Emmy

Sire: CH Sierragold Its Vegas Baby


View HiXpectation's pedigree here.


HiXpectation is the sire of the
#3 INTERNATIONAL Bengal!!!!!










New Photos posted July 2, 2014




Tips For Looking At Bengal Kitten Photos

* Kittens (and cats) tend to look a lot larger than they really are in photos. People who visit are always surprised to see that they are still just little kittens!

* Kittens' coloring warms up as they mature.

* Bengal Kittens will be "fuzzy" at this age. The longer guard hairs will go away to reveal the sleek beautiful coat and pattern.

* Photos may wash out the color of the kittens : (

* Just about everyone who visits the kittens says something to the effect, "They are even cuter/more beautiful in person!"







The fabulous rosettes will become more pronounced as they mature.
The color will continue to warm up becoming more deep golden,
  and the coats will sleek out, as the kittens mature...........
such is the nature of the Bengal Kitten's fuzzy stage!














Brown Rosetted Male Bengal Kitten #3

~ Available ~


These first photos are the new pictures of
this super handsome boy, followed by
some from a couple weeks ago.

The rich color in his coat has really
come in beautifully!!!


15 weeks old


Such an incredibly sweet and loving boy!!!

And such a character.......Mr. Purrsonality Plus!!!

Then wait until you see his coat and rosettes!!!!!







15 weeks old


This picture does a good job of showing how pretty the colors
in his coat are coming in! The background color will continue to warm up a bit,
and all the "fuzzies" will disappear.
He just has a little bit of fuzziness left.







15 weeks old


This color of his coat is a bit washed out in this picture.

His coat is so super sleek and incredibly soft!!!








15 weeks old


Again, color is washed out, but wanted to show
how sweetly he looks at you!

He starts kneading with pleasure when I approach
him to visit with him...........just so darn sweet and loving!!!






15 weeks old


Showing off his white spotted belly from high up on the cat tree!

White bellies can be difficult to obtain.
While we can't guarantee that the belly will stay white,
as sometimes they cream over as the cat matures,
most of our cats' do retain their white bellies!
And, of course, the black spots on the belly remain whether
the belly stays white or goes to cream color.






15 weeks old


Big streeeetchhh!!!!







Below are photos few a couple weeks ago.

You can see how much the coat color warms up in a couple weeks!

I think it is difficult for people who are new to viewing Bengals
to picture how the coat warms up and sleeks out.




12 weeks old


The dark outlines ensure that he will always have excellent contrast in his pattern.




9 weeks old


Really exciting "chaining" on this boy,
meaning the string of rosettes on either side of his spine.

Great flow to this boy's pattern,
reminiscent of an ocelot.



12 weeks old







12 weeks old












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St. Helens, Oregon
Columbia County
(503) 396-5448

We are near Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA



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