Champion EnchantedTails

New Millennium




Born December 11, 2007

Sire: RW SGC Millwood Megabyte

Dam: EnchantedTails Aurora


WOW!!! Great News!!!

Newman received BEST Allbreed Kitten
at the last two shows entered!

He also received:
2nd Best, 3rd Best, and 5th Best!

I am quite in love with New Millennium! This boy seems to have it all, from his colorful rosettes, clear slick coat, and contrast, to his wonderful face and profile. Newman has a long sleek body, spots on his legs, and no ribbars. Newman's personality could not be sweeter! What a loving and easy going boy.

I am most grateful to Jean Mill of Millwood Bengals for allowing me to breed Aurora to her very special Megabyte. When I went to Jean, I had no idea that plans were underway for her retirement. I feel especially fortunate to have been able to use Megabyte before he left for Canada.

Newman's name, New Millennium, seemed appropriate in a couple ways. With Jean's retirement, Newman is my New Millwood boy. His name also signals a new era for EnchantedTails Bengal Cats.

New Millennium tested HCM normal at 6 months old and also at 1 year old.




8 months old




6 months old




6 months old




6 months old




6 months old

At a cat show.




Dam Sire

Owned by Jean Mill

EnchantedTails Aurora
RW SGC Millwood Megabyte




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