EnchantedTails Aurora  

oder Morgenröte Im Aufgang



Der Morgen or The Morning by Philipp Otto Runge, 1808
Runge designates
the central Sophien figure as "Aurora"



Born: September 6, 2006

Sire: Gogees Illuminati of EnchantedTails

Dam: EnchantedTails Vasilisa

Aurora is an fourth generation Bengal cat. I am so pleased to see the best qualities of her mother and father come together in Aurora. This beautiful girl has a wonderful head and profile, with a strong chin aligned perfectly with her nose. Her coat is gorgeous with lovely rosettes and a texture so soft to the touch. She is a vivacious and curious girl. She loves to leap, jump, twirl, and race. Aurora loves water and is the best of helpers when I am washing dishes.


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8 months old



"The morning is boundless illuminating of the universe."

Runge, August 1807




8 months old


4 1/2 months old



4 1/2 months old




4 1/2 months old




Here's Aurora (front) hanging out with my first Bengal, Tinker Belle (left),
 my F2 pet Paddington Bear, who is Aurora's Great Uncle (rear),
and my 81 year old mom (far left).





Philipp Otto Runge's Der Morgen or The Morning is one of four pieces entitled Die Tageszeieten or Times of Day. Runge aimed to represent four times of day as a which would express spiritual states.

Runge's Der Morgen was influenced and inspired by the writings of Jacob Böehme, especially Aurora oder Morgenröte im Aufgang (Aurora or Morning Redness in the Stairway).

Jacob Böehme was a German philosophical mystic born in 1575. Böhme had a number of spiritual experiences or illuminations. At age thirty-five, Boehme experienced an "illumination" in which all his former experiences were synthesized, and he recognized them as but different expressions of one underlying truth, the source of all religions, sciences and philosophies. This vision caused him to publish Aurora in 1612.

Philipp Otto Runge wrote to his brother on March 9, 1802....

"When the sky above me teems with stars, when the wind blows through the vastness of space, and the wave breaks in the immense night; when above the forest the reddish morning light appears, and the sun begins to illuminate the world; when the valley steams, and I lie tossing in the grass which sparkles with dew; when every leaf and blade of grass teems with life, and the earth comes to life and stirs beneath me, and everything harmonizes in one great chord: then my soul rejoices and soars in the immeasurable space around me. There is no high or low, no time, no beginning or end. I hear and feel the living breath of God Who holds and supports the world, in Whom everything lives and acts--this is our highest feeling: God."



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