Morgan Le Fay

 Our F2 Queen
Morgan is now retired and looking
for a loving and forever pet home.


Born: February 28, 2003

Sire: Abundadots Jagger of EnchantedTails

Dam: Cheetahtu Katerina of EnchantedTails

Morgan Le Fay is two generations from the Asian Leopard Cat (Amur).  Morgan has the same sweet, sweet temperament as her mother, Katerina, her father,  Jagger, and her older brother from the same breeding, Paddington Bear. This girl can PURR like you wouldn't believe! She has a wonderfully long body, strong muzzle, mesmerizing eyes, white tummy, and a soft glittered coat. Morgan has a highly desirable butter colored background.

Morgan tested HCM normal at 3 years

 Morgan Le Fay has had many different roles in literature. Early sources portray Morgan as a healer and a shape-shifter. It is after this Morgan that my cat is named. In the Vita Merlini (c. 1150), Geoffrey of Monmouth introduces Morgan Le Fay as one of the nine sisters that ruled an earthly Paradise, called Fortunate Isle or the Isle of Apples. King Arthur was taken to this island to be healed by Morgan. Chretien de Troyes also portrays Morgan Le Fay as a healer and Arthur's sister.




AVALON from the Vita Merlini

Geoffrey of Monmouth

The island of apples, which is called the Fortunate
island has its name because it produces all things
for itself. There is no work for the farmers in
plowing the fields, all cultivation is absent except
for what nature manages by herself. On its own the
island produces fertile crops and grapes and native
apples by means of its own trees in the cropped
pastures. On its own the overflowing soil puts forth
all things in addition to the grass, and in that place
one lives for one hundred years or more.




There nine sisters
give pleasant laws to those who come
from our parts to them, and of those sisters, she who
is higher becomes a doctor in the art of healing and
exceeds her sisters in excellent form. Morgen is her
name, and she has learned what usefulness all the
herbs bear so that she may cure sick bodies. Also
that art is known to her by which she can change
shape and cut the air on new wings in the manner of
Dedalus. When she wishes, she is in Brist, Carnot,
or Papie; when she wishes, she glides out of the air
onto your lands. They say that this lady has taught
mathematics to her sisters Moronoe, Mazoe, Gliten,
Glitonea, Gliton, Tyronoe, and Thiten the most
noteworthy on the cither.






To that place after the
battle of Camblan we brought Arthur, hurt by
wounds, with Barinthus leading us, to whom the
waters and the stars of the sky were known. With
this guide for our raft we came to that place with
our leader, and with what was fitting Morgen did
honor to us, and in her rooms she placed the king
upon a golden couch and with her own honorable
hand she uncovered his wound and inspected it for
a long time, and at last she said that health could
return to him, if he were with her for a long time and
wished to undergo her treatment. Therefore rejoicing
we committed the king to her and returning gave sails
to the assisting winds.


Translated by Emily Rebekah Huber




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