Peter Pan

"Tinkerbell and Peter Pan"

by Roy Best from the 1931 edition of The Picture Story Book of Peter Pan


Peter Pan is a Ragdoll.....maybe a purebred or maybe a mix. Either way, he a gorgeous, big boy weighing 18 pounds. Check out his pretty blue eyes. He is "top cat" in the house and holds down the fort while I'm away. Peter's a very intelligent, loyal, gentle, and tolerant cat. Peter used to fly through the house. Now he prefers to gaze out the windows in between nap and meal times. All my females LOVE Peter, especially Tinker Belle and Princess TigerLily. Peter remains pretty aloof with them, but allows them to snuggle with him.






Is it yet another survival of jungle instinct,
this hiding away from prying eyes at important times?
Or merely a gesture of independence,
a challenge to man and his stupid ways?

Micheal Joseph

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Peter Pan