You Know Your Cat is Loved When...


You know your cat is loved when......

Their litter box is cleaner than your house.

You buy them health insurance and it has better coverage than your

Their cat climber/perch costs more than all of you furniture.

They have more toys than your children.

You wait to go to the bathroom for an hour because they are sleeping on your lap.

If they have an itch, you scratch it for them.

The picture on your web page is of them and not your family.

You deal with the nasty Michigan summers until you get one. Then you get an air conditioner....for them.

You start feeding the birds so they can have some entertainment.

You spend $40.00 at the grocery store of which $30.00 is for cat food.

You won't pick your own nose, but you'll pick theirs.

The Black Forest ham in the refrigerator is for them and the Kraft cheese slices are for you.

You lose your favorite sweater because they like to lay on it.

You buy an aquarium to entertain them. You're stuck with weekly cleaning and maintenance. You HATE fish.

You bring a bug, spider, or moth into the house for them to play with.

You run when they cry because they are standing in the bathroom sink waiting for you to turn the water on.

In spite of your allergies you get one. So he won't be lonely, you get

Your work on the computer stops because they want to chase
the mouse cursor.

You open and throw out several cans of food each day until you find the one they feel like eating.

You bring home a chicken sandwich for dinner. They get the chicken; you get the bread.

You ask your guests to sit elsewhere because they are in the cats favorite spot.

Pia Bengtsson

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