Snopride Wurthwld

of EnchantedTails



Born February 22, 2008

Dam: Silverpride Idol Jubilee

Sire: OS RW SGC Stonehenge Wurthawate of Snopride

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Wurthwld is a total package! Everything about her shouts wild look and type, type, type! We love her wonderful profile, expressive face, substantial build, thicker tail, no rib bars, rosettes all over, and her affectionate personality. I took her to one cat show where she received a 2nd Best in the Finals!

Wurthwld tested HCM negative at one year old.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Margie and Don Heil of Snopride for entrusting me with this gem of a cat!!!



4 months old




4 months old





4 months old




4 months old




7 months old





1 year old and pregnant with her first kittens!





Wurthwld never misses the chance to climb into a bag!!!



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