EnchantedTails Tsarina

Our F3 Princess




Born: April 22, 2005

Sire: Stonehenge Draco
Dam: EnchantedTails Morgan Le Fay

Tsarina is a STAR! Since birth, I have been very taken with her very clear coat. She has dark random markings on a golden butter color background with no rib bars. She has a decent thickness to her tail and pretty decent size ears. What an expression this girl has and no tabby M. The second people see here, most let out an exclamation at her presence.

I am so pleased as she has the super, super, super, super sweet personality of her grandmother, F1 Katerina, and her mother, F2, Morgan Le Fay. I just love this line. Dad, Stonehenge Draco, is such a sweet boy too. All and all I have a very special place in my heart for Tsarina and am so happy to have our third generation of the Amur Leopard Cat.

Sire tested HCM normal at 1 year.  Dam tested HCM normal at 3 years.




10 months old




1 year old




1 year old




10 months





Click HERE for Tsarina's Pedigree.


Tsarina Alexandra as a child



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