Litter announced March 23, 2017



EnchantedTails Sleeping Beauty's Bengal Kittens

Born:  January 21, 2017




The amazing and incredible......

Sire: Amantra Del Mar




Dam: EnchantedTails Sleeping Beauty
whose sire, Noahspride Hixpectation, is the also the sire of

the #3 International Bengal in TICA, Snopride Spartagus






~ Bengal Kittens in this Litter ~

Male #1 ~ Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten ~ Reserved

Male #2 ~ Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten ~ Probably Keeping

Male #3 ~ Seal Lynx Point Marble Bengal Kitten ~ Available









Photos posted March 23, 2016

New photos added April 6, 2017


All these kittens are spectacular!!!




Tips For Looking At Bengal Kitten Photos

* Kittens (and cats) tend to look a lot larger than they really are in photos.

* Kittens' coloring will warm up as they mature.

* Bengal Kittens will be "fuzzy" at this age. The longer guard hairs will go away to reveal the sleek beautiful coat and pattern.

* Photos may wash out the color of the kittens : (

* Just about everyone who visits the kittens says something to the effect, "They are even more beautiful in person!"







Male 1

~ Reserved ~

5 weeks old



Could that face be any cuter?!!!




5 weeks old





5 weeks old





7 weeks old





5 weeks old






Male #2

~ Probably Keeping this Boy ~


5 weeks old






5 weeks old






7 weeks old






7 weeks old





7 weeks old







Male #3

~ Available ~


5 weeks old


Another incredible cutie pie!!!

And a magnificent marble at that!!!


With the seal lynx point snow Bengals, the color comes in more as the kitten matures.
This boy was born with color, whereas, his mother was born pure white.
I anticipate that this boy will therefore, have super contrast for a snow Bengal.
His dad has such stellar contrast.







The marble pattern opens up and becomes more apparent
as kittens mature. We can already see this handsome
boy's marble pattern opening up and developing.





7 weeks old


The flash of the camera will turn the pupil of blue eyes red!




7 weeks old


This boy is a big lover and has a super even temperament.
He loves to be with me and be petted.
He also loves to wrestle with his brothers and chase the teaser toys!




7 weeks old






7 weeks old





5 weeks old


A Seal Lynx Point's eyes will remain blue,
whereas the brown Bengals eyes will turn green or gold.




9 weeks old


I love the reverse markings down this boy's back,
having the white stripes, rather than the black
or dark brown stripe of the brown Bengals!!!






9 weeks old


We can see how his marble pattern is beginning to open up.
Such a stunning boy!






9 weeks old


Again, the pupils of the blue eyed cat will turn red with the flash of the camera.

Isn't the boy an absolute doll!!!






9 weeks old







10 weeks old


While these boys a good, sturdy sized boys,
this snow baby looks larger than he actually is right now
in this photo. He is definitely still a little baby boy!

Once more, the pupils of blue eyed cats turn red with the flash of the camera.





Dam:  EnchantedTails Sleeping Beauty



Sire:  Amantra Del Mar










For more information, contact

Holly Erickson
St. Helens, Oregon
Columbia County
(503) 396-5448

We are near Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA



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