Now Retired

AKA "Roo"



By Henri Rousseau

Dam: Aja Mysty Ice
Abundadots Jagger


At the Southwest Regional Cat Show in July of this year, Roo was BEST ALLBREED KITTEN! Of course we were elated, as there were 91 kittens entered in the show!

Rousseau is just five generations from the Asian Leopard Cat, Taro of Bundas. This young man was born on January 17, 2003, and is simply awesome!!! His glass like coat is highly glittered with big beautiful black and rust rosettes. He has a dynamite profile and a good substantial build.

 Rousseau hops and jumps around the house like a kangaroo and earned the name "Roo". The search began for an official name we could use that had "roo" in it. Thus our Roo is named after the French painter, Henri Rousseau. Henri was a trendsetter of his time. We have high hopes that our Rousseau will be a trendsetter as well!

Pictured at 6 months.



Pictured at 6 months

Pictured at 5 months.


Pictured at 14 weeks in front of a painting
by his namesake, Henri Rousseau.



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