Our Snow Queen

Now Retired

The Winter's Promised Bride by Adrienne Segur


Mysty Ice, our "snow queen", is a seal mink leopard spotted Bengal. I am very fortunate to co-own this gorgeous cat with Suzanne Merrill of Abundadots Cattery. Mysty Ice is four generations from the Asian Leopard Cat, Taro of Bundas. She exhibits a very wild looking head, with a good whisker pinch and straight profile, accentuated by her gorgeous, big eyes. Mysty Ice has no rib stripes whatsoever. Suzanne and I are both very grateful to Steven and Cindra Cowen of Aja Bengals for this very precious, sweet, and loving cat.



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Mysty Ice does what seems like a little prayer routine everyday. 
She puts her hands together,
then raises them and lowers them about 7 times!





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