Our F3 Princess

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Mulan has been spayed and is looking
for a safe and loving pet home.

This exotic girl, born December 29, 2001, is three generations from the rare line  of the Lionsmountain Art Deco, Asian Leopard Cat. Her coat feels like satin, and her ink black markings shimmer like silk. She has a whited belly and a very wild face with large amber eyes. When visitors see Mulan, their comments are, "She looks like an ocelot!" or "She is so wildly exotic!" and "It sounds like something you'd hear in the jungle when she meows!" With Supreme and Double Grand Champions in her pedigree, this girl should be an exceptional foundation cat!

I really want Mulan to go to a home that is better for her and in which she will thrive the most in the long run. Mulan is sweet natured, sensitive, and wants to be loved and accepted as she is.

She gets along with my cats and will rub against her favorites, but sometimes I have a cat who intimidates Mulan. Consequently, she prefers to hang out in my mom's room as her safe haven. She will nap on the bed with 2 or 3 other cats there.

Mulan loves to play with teaser toys. But she doesn't jump in with all my young cats here. I feel like she misses out because of that. She needs a place where she knows she will not be threatened and can go safely anywhere in the house. That she can play with a teaser toy and not have to compete with energetic kittens.

Mulan likes to cuddle in bed with you. She will lay right up close. She comes and rub against your leg, etc., to show her affection, but will usually flit away when you go to pet her....not always, but usually.

You can hold Mulan, but she will make little groaning noises like she is being tortured. I just hold her and pet her and love her. I think she really does like it, but I suspect she constantly fights a wild instinct that tells her she shouldn't be confined by being held. And when you do pet her, she really does like it.

She is a super easy cat to have around. She doesn't ask much. Her pleasures are simple. She just deserves a stable home where there aren't new kittens energetic kittens growing up in the house or a cat that is a little intimidating.

I don't ever want her to have to move homes due to a person moving, or deciding she is not right for them.




Pictured at 8 months.




Pictured at 7 months



Pictured at 9 months.




Pictured at 7 months.




Pictured at 4 1/2 months.





Pictured at 9 months.





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