Cheetahtu Katerina
of Enchanted Tails

Our F1 Queen


By William A. Breakspeare, date unknown

Born: June 12, 2001

Sire: Amur Leopard Cat, Senor Romeo

Dam: Nairobi Cheetahtus Purr Purr

Katerina's sweet, sweet face reminds me of a little lion cub. She wrinkles her nose with her different expressions! Katerina has arrowhead markings with a hint of rosetting on a beautiful light background color and a wonderfully long torso. The minute I wake up, she crawls under the covers for her morning cuddle! She is absolutely one of the sweetest cats I have ever met! I am so grateful to Jan Giacinto for this girl!


While visiting a relative in the Carpathian Mountains, ten year old Ivan "Vanya" Smetski discovers an amazing sight in a perfectly round clearing in the woods. Atop a pedestal encircled by fallen leaves, the beautiful princess Katerina lay as still as death. There is also something moving around under the leaves which scares Vanya into running away.

Ivan's  family later emigrates to America, and Ivan tries to convince himself that what he saw was just a  figment of his imagination.



Years later, Ivan is pursuing his graduate studies in the oldest dialects of Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Serbian. He returns to Russia for his studies, where he return to his cousin's farm. and is drawn back to the enchanted forest he remembers from his boyhood. There before him appear the lake of leaves, the sleeping woman in the center, and the guardian moving around under the leaves. But this time Ivan doesn't run away. He overcomes the bear guardian and wakens the princess with a kiss. The princess, Katrina, has been asleep for a thousand years because of a curse laid by the Russian witch, Baba Yaga. The only way to end the curse of Baba Yaga is for Ivan to marry Katerina. Ivan promises to marry Katerina, despite his other marriage plans, as his only other option is death by the bear guardian.





Katerina  leads Ivan across a magical bridge help her defeat Baba Yaga before she takes over Katerina's kingdom. Ivan steps back a thousand years to medieval Russia where the witch Baba Yaga holds a  nation in a grip of terror, where the old gods still walk, and where a princess fights to save her people and land. Ivan had heard fairy tales about a witch, and now he realizes that these fairy tales are true.



Ivan finds himself caught in a clash of cultures. Katerina's people are not impressed at all with Ivan. They see him as physically weak and socially inept. He doesn't even know how to fight with a sword!  On the other hand, he is not impressed the illiteracy and unsanitary conditions.

Ivan is quite taken with Katerina, but is not real keen about marrying her, as he has a fiancée waiting for him a thousand years in the future.  Ivan wants to return home, while Katerina tries to convince him to stay and help her people.



This Katerina as a baby.


Baba Yaga proves to be a powerful adversary. Ivan and Katerina end up fleeing the witch by returning to present time.  Unfortunately, Baba Yaga manages to follow them. While working to defeat Baba Yaga, Ivan finds out that his own mother practices witchcraft and is able to help them. Ultimately, Ivan and Katerina find that they must return to Taina and do battle with Baba Yaga. 


Another picture of Katerina as a kitten.
I love her face so much!

I don't want to tell you the whole story! The book is Enchantment by Orson Scott Card if you want to see if or how Katerina and Ivan defeat the wicked Baba Yaga!


Katerina's sire:
Senor Romeo, Amur Leopard Cat

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Photo courtesy of Jan Giacinto

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