After hours and hours of searching
for the perfect graphics to enhance my web page,
I am profoundly grateful to the following artists
who provided enchanting images
for your visual delight.

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"Meet My Guardian" on Meet the Cats page and "The Dance of Life" on the Kitten page.


Victorian picture, Victorian Kittens, 3 Kittens in a Basket, , Marbled Cat Fairy, Decourt Cat, Cat Animations, Pirate Cat, Soldier cat, many of the cats on the furniture in the Castle Rooms.

Art by Roy Best, "Tinkerbelle" and "Tinkerbelle and Peter Pan" from the 1931 edition of The Picture Story Book of Peter Pan, based on the play by J.M. Barrie.

Used with permission of Anne Gerdes.

Small cat icons on Meet the Cats page

Cat Dreams animation

"Waiting for the Storm" art on Woody's page by C.H. Morgan.

Used with permisssion of the artist.

Gold star background, Star Bullet

Never2L8's Bars/Lines/Dividers

Bars and dividers on many pages.

Butterfly Collection

Butterfly graphics on Links page and animated butterfly

Matt's Foo Fighter Page

By Starlight midi playing on my Home page

Dyzan Domain

Medieval bars, torches on the Banners page, and dragons

Torches, treasure chest on this page, arrow bar on Waiting for the Storm page, "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles midi on Woody's page, "Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats midi on About Bengal Cats page

Large cat animations and jungle picture

Animations, including fountain animation in Castle Garden

Queen Bitsy's Castle

Royal clipart throughout the site, such as the "Cats Rule" flag, royal banners, and crowns. Be sure to visit her site and see her royal costumes for cats!

Furniture in the Castle Rooms

Lord Kyle's
Medieval and Fantasy Clipart

Mermaid Dreams

Surface mermaid and turning mermaid in Mermaid Lagoon.

Jo's Gifs

Many of the fairy tale animations, such as the dropping white rabbit on the Alice Through the Looking Glass page, the wicked witch on the Oops page, several of the doors on the Kingdom Map page.

The art for The Grand Staircase, Dragons Visit, and the lady in the window in the Castle Rooms.

Sheila's Disney Site


Many of the Disney clip art images and Disney midis.

The Stablegirl's Lair

The leopard cat in the Castle Entry Hall

The ocelot cat in the Castle Garden, Entry Hall, and Kingdom Map

~Pegasus2u's Wings4u~

Forest creatures and some fairies in the Enchanted Forest.

Backgrounds to create the picture frames for some of the art throughout the site, as well as much appreciated html tutorials.

Ship bubble on Flight to the Kingdom page, Tinkerbell in the Enchanted Forest, and a Tinkerbell on Miss Tinkerbelle's page


Jaguar and lady reading the book on Home page, Jaguar with the Wizard,, the man with the cat and the maiden in Happily Ever After

Kathleen's Kamelot

Kingdom picture on the Flight page and the Enchanted Tails Kingdom page.

I lost Kathleen's Kamelot for a little while
and am so glad to have found the site again!
This site was a great inspiration in creating the Enchanted Tails Kingdom.

If I have used any graphics and neglected to give the artist credit, please e-mail me, so that I may give the proper credit.

Also, if you encounter any broken links, please e-mail me.

Thank you!

Last updated 10/09/09


Midi: Beletbon