Kingsmark Cinderella

Our F4 Princess



Born: August 17, 2004

Cinderella is a fourth generation Bengal down from the gorgeous Asian Leopard Cat, Taro of Bundas, owned by Grace Lush. Cinderella has the most awesome wild head. Her profile is out of this world and she has a super chin. And, she has a WHITED BELLY! Cindy's coat is as soft as satin. She has the most loving temperament and loves to nap in your lap. Cindy also has a nice thickness to her tail. A huge thank you to Suzanne Merrill of Abundadots Cattery and Karen Sausman of Kingsmark for the collaborative effort in creating this beautiful girl.

Cinderella tested HCM normal at almost 2 1/2 years old.
Sire tested HCM normal at 2 years. Dam tested HCM normal at 3 years. Paternal grandparents tested normal as well.


Sire Dam
Amantra Marker Imaginario Kingsmark Tantra


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