Cats Are Wonderful Friends

Rider of the Cinnamon Tiger Art by Ashlin

To gain the friendship of a cat is a difficult thing. The cat is a philosophical, methodical, quiet animal, tenacious of its own habits, fond of order and cleanliness, and does not lightly confer its friendship.

If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend but never your slave. He keeps his free will, though he loves, and he will not do for you what he thinks is unreasonable; but once he gives himself to you, it is with such absolute confidence, such fidelity of affection.

Theophile Gautier

Gentle eyes that see so much,
Paws that have the quiet touch.
Purrs to signal "all is well"
And show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
A calming presence by our side.
A friendship that takes time to grow
Small wonder why we love them so.

Author Unknown


Your cat will never threaten you popularity by barking at three in the morning. He won't attach the mailman or eat the drapes, although he may climb the drapes to see how the room looks from the ceiling.

Helen Powers

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Rider of the Cinnamon Tiger used with permission of the artist, Sheila Ashlin