She bid hello and farewell
as she watched some of her dreams manifest,
while others remained elusive.


He fought his inner and outer battles
with great success.



All the while, the loving godmother
looked upon them with kindness and compassion in her heart.






Then one day,
a spark of magic occurred,



which grew into an ever stronger flame,
encouraging each to become
more than they ever were before.


And they all lived,
including the cats, happily ever after!



A kiss from Temba, Safari Cat, when he was a kitten.
Safari Cats are a cross between the Geoffroys cat and a domestic cat.
Temba is owned by Bion Kirk of
Jungle Mountain Exotics.



The End!



It's been such a delight touring the Enchanted Tails Kingdom with you. I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. I will direct you to the next sight in the Kingdom, but you'll be on your own from here. A word of warning- Beware!

Happy tails to you, until we meet again!











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