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There are two means of refuge
from the complexities of life: music and cats.

- Albert Schweitzer -

Welcome to EnchantedTails Bengal Cats!

Please come in and enjoy a tour of our Bengal cattery. Meet our beautiful purebred brown spotted/rosetted and marbled Bengal cats and Bengal kittens.

EnchantedTails Bengal Cats is a Bengal Breeder located in Columbia County, Oregon, near Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. We take great pride and the best care of our Bengal cats and kittens. Our Bengals are TOP quality, TICA registered, and from the very best bloodlines, including International Winners, Regional Winners, Supreme Grand Champions, and Champions.

We frequently show our Bengal cats and kittens in TICA (The International Cat Association) cat shows, which is both fun and also ensures that we maintain our high standards. Our cats typically place very well in the cat shows.

We usually have Bengal Kittens for sale year round, as well as Bengal adults, who are retired from breeding, for adoption. We offer pet, breeder, and show quality Bengals.

Good health is always first and foremost, as is a loving and playful personality. Our cats and kittens are Felv and FIV negative. We regularly screen our cats with a board certified cardiologist to ensure healthy hearts in all our Bengals. Here at EnchantedTails, we also regularly test fecals to ensure our cats remain free of giardia, coccidia, and tritrichomonus foetus. All our Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens are sold with a Health Guarantee.

I am always available to answer questions and provide support after you purchase one of our Bengal Kittens or Cats. Like the feedback system on eBay, I want to maintain 100% positive feedback from my customers and the kittens and cats I place with my customers!

EnchantedTails Bengals has been breeding Bengal Cats since 1999.


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